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On Thursday, 1.15.15, The Secret Life of Lies, the highly anticipated first full length novel from Chicago area writer and radio host, Jennifer Gulbrandsen, will debut in wide release.The Secret Life of Lies, is the story of Ava Giancola, a woman who learns her entire adult life is a complete lie after two FBI agents show up on her doorstep. That lie would ruin her life. The subsequent lies Ava tells while on the run will ruin others, even those she loves the most.It's chick-lit and suspense at its finest with Ava's personal story interweaving with the suspense of life on the run.Early reviews of this book are raving about the suspense and adventure of The Secret Life of Lies. Moni Barrette of 'Rebel Mony' calls The Secret Life of Lies, "Suspenseful, but not nightmare inducing, this is chick-lit that feels real." Kristen of 'Kristen Runs on Faith' cheers, "I really cannot stop reading it!"Preorder for electronic editions of this book are available now on Amazon and Smashwords with the print edition available exclusively on Amazon.com and in stores on 1.15.15. Bulk discounts available for book clubs. E-Reader editions will be available in all stores (iBooks, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, etc.) on the release date. An audiobook version of The Secret Life of Lies will also be available through iTunes and Amazon.Stay tuned for information on the coming book tour in February and March! Dates will be announced soon. Jennifer Gulbrandsen is a Chicago area writer and the creator/co-host of the Wine and Sass! radio show on WLLS Radio. An award winning contributor for Yahoo!, she is currently a contributor for SheKnows, BlogHer, Guardian Liberty Voice, Chicago Fit Mom, Chicago Newscastic, and other publications. For more on Jennifer visit her website.

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