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One day Jenn and Kristi got this crazy idea, why not record their crazy drunken Skype calls? And thus the hit comedy podcast, "Wine and Sass!" was born.

Topics ranging from online dating, neighborhood nemeses, how Jenn will cause your ex to have an unfortunate accident as long as you send her magazines in jail, pop culture, celebrity gossip, Kristi's ability to be completely hilarious as soon as glass number three gets poured, and just about any nonsense that happens to pop into their heads as the wine flows and the silliness ensues.

The podcast turned into this website receiving half a million hits in just four months, mostly of people wanting to see what a train wreck really looks like. So pull up a chair and listen to these two cheap hookers with a dream drink all the wine and make you laugh! Each and every Wednesday 8-9pm EST from Chicago on WLLS Radio!

.Let It Rain Radio featuring the newly solo Hostess with the Mostest, Rain, is a blend of talk radio with a dash of urban perspective. Rain has Hosted a variety of events throughout NYC and brings her personable, charismatic, and comedic personality to the forefront of social issues and trending topics that affect the urban communities.

The Open Mike Radio Show is hosted by DC comedian Mike Brown and co-hosted by a cast of comics, promoters, and musicians from the comedy scene (Greg Stevens, Tig Lefall, Monique Cole, DJ K-La, Keith George, and Michele Sometimes). They discuss current events, pop culture, and of course comedy! There are jokes, special guests, advice, and heated debates. It's the most fun and entertainment you can have packed into two hours!

The Rex Stanley Show is a satire program hosted by former Stand-up Comedian and television show host Rex Stanley, and co-hosted by Ebony "Ebsweetz" and Erika "E-Money". This program is about a little bit of everything and a whole lot of NOTHING! The irreverent hosts hold no-holds barred discussions about the minutea of life with a bold comedic twist, and features some of the most in-depth, hilarious interviews in radio.


Beginning 12./1/2015

Capital Conversations 8-10pm Wednesday Nights

Hosted by Rob Anthony, Cornelius "Cornbread" Gault, Tiffany "Lady T" Watson, and Carissa "BDot" Butler.

Capital Conversations takes on social issues such as police brutality, the prison industrial complex, the education system, and courtship and dating.  

The show also covers politics, pop culture and current events.  Archived episodes can be found at

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@RadioRobAnthony  @MyFairLadyT

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Short video highlights of the show are available via youtube.  Use the hashtag #BeltwayBites to find clips of the show on youtube. 


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